ENA Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Objectives


    ENA to be a leader in the accomplishment and promulgation of the principles and practices of good governance through the implementation of sustainable Human Resource Development in the Lebanese Public Administration for the benefit of all the citizens of Lebanon.


    1. Training and Development : Development of competencies in the Lebanese public administration through design, organisation and delivery of programmes of training, coaching and other HRD interventions.

    2. Assistance with institutional building : Organisation of seminars and workshops to promulgate the culture, ethics and best practices associated with good governance.

    3. Development of partnerships with national, regional and international organisations and institutions : Signature of collaboration agreements with academic partners for accreditation of selected ENA training programmes and to share experience and resources in areas of common interest.

    4. Continuous development of ENA capabilities and institutional knowledge Building of capacity to respond to the needs of all stakeholders; improvement of curricula, premises, equipment, management and administrative practices and procedures as well as development and maintenance of the organisation’s database.

    5. Enhancement of management capacities: Including customer focus, human resource management and development, quality management and performance management; participation in the creation, enhancement and elaboration administrative process and procedures.


    1. We provide a professional curriculum and stimulating learning environment that provides an opportunity for each civil servant to achieve her/his potential.

    2. Our work is driven by the professional development needs of all civil servants who are our customers and are the focus of our activities and actions.

    3. We have an in-depth understanding of quality management and practise it in everything we do.

    4. We are committed to integrity and the practise of good governance and its promulgation throughout the civil service.

    5. We are committed to the empowerment and career development of our own staff and through this, the continual improvement of our organisation and the service we offer.

    6. We value, collaboration, openness, transparency and effective communication with all our stakeholders and within our own organisation.

    7. We maintain and exercise fiscal responsibility to avoid waste and ensure value for the government’s and our clients’ money.

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